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Segue hoje mais uma edição da subseção dentro da área de notícias, com uma seleção das notícias do dia publicadas na web, com os assuntos mais relevantes e qualitativos do dia:

» Estudantes de Singapura levam prêmio por estrada que…
» Palm Pre ganha emulador de PlayStation
» USB 3.0 chegará ao mercado antes do que se imagina
» HP rolls dual sixes with Istanbul-powered AMD desktop…
» Windows 7 Home Premium to get Family Pack deal
» Moblin 2.0 beta officially released as open source
» Battlefield 1943 finally gets a release date
» DDR3 to Capture 30% of the Market by Year End – DRAMeXchange
» Sony: disc-free PSP planned from the start
» Sprint plans 3G femtocell before AT&T
» Ion 2 Said to double Ion’s Graphics Power
» 30 anos do popular Walkman da Sony
» Installing Adobe AIR 1.5.1 For Linux On Ubuntu 9.04…
» Public irate at lack of Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade
» Satellite launched to fill cell phone dead zones in…
» Projeto Open Graphics vai produzir 10 primeiras placas…
» Greenpeace greener electronics guide update penalizes…
» Can FAT patch avoid Microsoft lawsuits?
» First 3D Web Cam Looks Like A Robot
» Assaulted by someone you met online? Don’t sue the…
» World’s Largest Commercial Telecom Satellite Launches…
» iPhone SMS Vulnerability Found, Getting Patched
» Most users ignore routine computer maintenance
» Nokia brings Ovi Maps 3.0 out of beta with official…
» Archos brings Win 7 tablet to US, dates Android
» IBM’s CPUs POWER over Intel with new performance benchmarks
» AMD Radeon HD 4200 to fight NVIDIA’s 9400?
» Ovi Maps 3.0 Graduates From Beta With New Updates
» Firefox 3.5 downloaded 5 million times in first 24…
» Current CULV notebooks too cheaply built
» First-Generation Consumer Ultra-Thin Laptops May Have…
» YouTube S60 client gets minor update to 2.2.6
» Analyst: Palm Sold 300,000 Pre Smartphones in June
» VIA Announces June Sales Results
» Ovi Maps 3.0 is now officially released (but you need…
» How To Remotely Shut Down Windows XP Computers From…
» Laser superpotente dá novo fôlego às lâmpadas incandescentes
» Yahoo! announce new green data center powered by Niagara…
» Palm to Announce Palm Pre Release Plan for UK Next…
» Windows 7 Versus XP: Which Belongs On Your Netbook?
» Explosions in the Sky: Take Better Fireworks Photos
» Nokia N97 Got Updated with 11.x.021 firmware
» Development Release: Slackware Linux 13.0 RC1
» Microsoft Kodu ‘Game Lab’ Launches
» PCs with USB 3.0 to be Available Before 2010
» Desempenho: Apache com mpm-worker e fast CGI
» Virtual Linux is the prescription for hospital patients…
» Gmail labels tweaked to be more like folders
» Linux Kernel Patch Works Around Microsoft’s FAT Patents
» Lançado o PostgreSQL 8.4
» Slackware 13.0 RC1 Released
» Google mobile universal search now available for all…

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