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versao nova!! k3b e kopete saindo do forno em nova versao

#1 Por domus 11/02/2003 - 05:34
Kopete,uma vez falei sobre ele aqui, um excelente cliete multiprocolo,(estilo trillian)
versao 0.6


Kopete, the KDE instant messanger, reaches another milestone today with the advent of version 0.6. Kopete 0.6 comes with many enhancements, including tabbed chat support, window translucency, and preliminary file transfer support. This version also includes an extensive amount of bugfixes and UI improvements.

k3b, eba!!, ja era hora!!! está demais, o nero cada vez mais vai perdendo sua funça na minha maquina smile.png 8) 8)

K3b 0.8 released

Finally the long awaited (at least by myself wink.png version 0.8.

Before introducing the new features I'd like to officially welcome the two new members of the K3b team: Christian Kvasny and Klaus-Dieter Krannich. Since they started working on K3b development sped up by about 400% wink.png. Thank you guys!

Additional thanx goes to all the translators, Klas for his kdeextragear-1 package, and the maintainer of the kde.de homepage for making K3b app of the month February.

Besides some big internal changes these are the new features:

A new Video CD project for creating (S)VCD disks from mpeg files
A new Mixed mode project
Manually selection of writing app (cdrecord or cdrdao) for the control freaks
Customizable audio ripping
Customizable cd copy
Cue/bin writing now has it's own dialog.
AC3-passthrough mode for DIVX Encoding
DND for AudioCD-Ripping (currently only dropping to the K3b dirtree)
Indivdual selection of final size for an encoded movie

And some of the bugfixes I can remember wink.png

The option dialog has a reasonable size now
Fixed problems with first pregap in audio project: no need to set the first pregap to 0 on some writers anymore; no 4 second pregap before first tracks anymore
Fixed problems with detecting some audio tracks that had flags like preemp set
Clean vob dir before starting to encode (PowerDVD for example stores config files in the vob directory)
...and all the stuff we did not note down...

Since the number of translations for K3b continuously grows I decided to put them in a seperate package.
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#2 Por jose_silva_n...
11/02/2003 - 14:26
Kopete,uma vez falei sobre ele aqui, um excelente cliete multiprocolo,(estilo trillian)
versao 0.6


Boa Tarde,

É um pacote fonte, como surgiu todo tipo de dor de cabeça pra compilar o 0.75...vou esperar...mas
Pra quem já tem um Slack rodando blz:


Neste link se encontra a versão 0.8 do kb pronta pra instalar... big_green.png

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