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Resumo do dia

Segue hoje mais uma edição da subseção dentro da área de notícias, com uma seleção das notícias do dia publicadas na web, com os assuntos mais relevantes e qualitativos do dia:

» Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite 3.0 (iPhone OS)
» Desbloqueio sem multa pode encarecer celulares pré-pagos
» Google reportedly to part ways with China on April…
» Open Video Alliance launches Wikipedia video campaign…
» YouTube Legal Bombshell: Viacom Uploaded Clips to…
» Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 and 470 specs emerge
» Mozilla Labs builds add-on to bring address book to…
» China Mobile Wants the iPhone to Use Their 3G
» GPS-enabled GSM/WCMDA handset shipments jumped 92%…
» Radiocrafts seeks patents for wireless technology
» LTSP 5.2 – com boot em 10 segundos
» Microsoft Windows 7 Hints & Tips Guide
» Microsoft readies first Windows 7 service pack
» Marvell promete tablet de 99 dólares para estudantes
» iPhone will be first mobile device to fall at Pwn2Own…
» YouTube: 24 horas de vídeos exibidos por minuto
» HP Slate pricing leaks, runs Atom CPU
» IE9, standards, and why Acid3 isn’t the priority
» * Mozilla: Stick to Your Ideals, Shun H264 *
» OpenSSO becomes OpenAM
» NVIDIA Fermi GTX 480, GTX 470 Details Emerge
» USB storage support coming to 360?
» Microsoft Announces Windows 7, Windows Server 2008…
» Opera downloads double following new Choice Screen
» Man Disables More Than 100 Cars Over Internet
» Google’s Nexus branding under threat
» Mono deve chegar ao Android
» Printable RFID tags could eliminate checkout queues
» New Windows Phone 7 video ad makes us want one right…
» Palm hit by slow smartphone sales
» Invisibility cloak created in 3-D
» How Amsterdam Was Wired for Open Access Fibre
» Palm In Trouble Again
» 1500MB/s PCI Express SSD is now sampling
» GeForce GTX 480 GTX 470 Details Leaked
» Microsoft removes XP Mode hardware requirements
» MobiTV Announces Multi-Screen, Cross-Platform DRM…
» Microsoft fala brevemente sobre o SP1 do Windows 7
» Infraestrutura para Aplicações Web Seguras parte 3…
» Switch from Microsoft Exchange says Google
» HIS Radeon HD 5870 iCooler V Turbo Video Card
» Manto da invisibilidade agora é 3D e aproxima-se do…
» Opera Claims IE Browser Ballot Screen Doubled Downloads
» Microsoft starts to talk SP1 for Windows 7, Server…
» EA laces C&C4 with Ubisoft-like always-on DRM
» Stragglers: Windows 7 SP1 is only a minor update
» Google working on Android-powered TV platform?
» Novo TradutorOOoNotes – agora substitui o texto selecionado
» Firefox 3.6 Rising, 3.0 Going Away
» Android set-top box may be coming to a living room…
» Apostila de Inkscape para iniciantes
» DWARF Version 4 Released
» Windows 7’s XP Mode No Longer Needs Hardware Virtualization
» KDE in the Google Summer of Code 2010
» Distribution Release: SystemRescueCd 1.5.0
» Windows XP Mode No Longer Requires Hardware Virtualisation
» Microsoft removes VM hardware requirements, improves…
» Microsoft Announces SP1 for Windows 7, Server 2008…

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