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Resumo do dia


Segue hoje mais uma edição da subseção dentro da área de notícias, com uma seleção das notícias do dia publicadas na web, com os assuntos mais relevantes e qualitativos do dia:

»Microsoft Joins SVG Working Group
»MSI intros 3D notebooks, dual-screen e-book reader,…
»WebKitGTK+ hackfest improves HTML renderer for GNOME…
»Epiphany Shortbread
»[$] GSM encryption crack made public
»Pioneer Takes Pandora Music Streaming to the Car
»No Intel hardware in Apple tablet, says analyst
»Sistema brasileiro de rádio digital deve ser escolhido…
»Ubuntu “Memberships” Questioned
»Microsoft Wants To Participate In SVG Development
»NVIDIA teases Optimus Primer mobile GPU tech
»Microsoft Courier To Be Unveiled, CES 2010?
»With 7.0 on the horizon, Windows Mobile edges forward
»Lenovo introduces hybrid notebook tablet
»Listen: An Alternative Music Player for GNOME (
»Critical PowerDNS Recursor security vulnerabilities
»Firefox 3.5.7 and 3.0.17 released
»Distribution Release: Toorox 01.2010
»Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office — The (Don’t…
»Urban Terror disponibilizado no repositório Livre…
»Processador de luz fará cálculos simultâneos usando…
»LaCie intros Rugged USB 3.0 drive, new USB flash drives
»Western Digital, Segate launch USB 3.0 external HDDs
»Office 2010 Details Given
»Video: Flash 10.1 beta running on the Google Nexus…
»Seagate has a USB 3.0 external drive, too
»Western Digital, Seagate launch USB 3.0 external HDDs
»Google’s Nexus One is Among First Phones to Get Flash…
»Pi calculated to record number of digits
»Apple flirts with a 3D interface for mobile devices
»CES 2010: MSI Reveals New Products – Ultra Slim Arrandale…
»3M create 22? ten-finger touchscreen display
»Kodak unveils the Playsport HD pocket camcorder
»Opera gets a new CEO
»Google Wants To Administer the First White Spaces
»Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 Pricing
»Google’s Nexus One: Is it super? And is there a market…
»The first Google phone Nexus One is now available…
»VIA lança controlador USB 3.0 VL810, ótimo para hubs
»Microsoft’s Office 2010 Pricing, Explained
»Chip inventory to remain lean in Q1, says iSuppli
»Google Launches Its Own-Brand Mobile Phone
»Inspiron Mini 10 gets a Pine Trail makeover

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