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Segue hoje mais uma edição da subseção dentro da área de notícias, com uma seleção das notícias do dia publicadas na web, com os assuntos mais relevantes e qualitativos do dia:

» Microsoft bringing tablet PCs to Circuit City sales…
» New PSP-3000 Support Skype VoIP with Built in Microphone
» Economist Debates Energy Innovations vs Conservation
» Microsoft Applies For Patent On Private Browsing
» New super-efficient and power-saving OLED-display…
» Microsoft buys another $100M in certificates from…
» Early Look: Asus P6T Deluxe [Hardware]
» Lawsuit filed against Apple over ‘defective’ iPhone…
» Google offers version 0.9 of Android SDK
» Sony Introduces Their New PSP-3000 at Leipzig Games…
» IPhone Fix Silently Lands
» Mozilla Will Push Firefox 2 Users To Upgrade
» PGP: Réu não é obrigado a fornecer senha de HD criptografado
» Firefox 2 users to be offered 3.0.1 [News]
» How To Install Hamachi On Fedora 9
» Usuários de computadores estão digitalizando livros…
» Sony unveils new bundle, PSP, controller [News]
» Google invests in enhanced geothermal systems
» Intel unites the internet with TV
» Visa trials real-time transaction alerts via text…
» Syncing Smartphones In Linux: MS Exchange vs. Open…
» Why Windows XP Is Bad For Microsoft
» Microsoft Photosynth offers 3D photo compositing
» Winning at 3D: an interview with Intel’s Pat Gelsinger
» TMD announced new Organic EL Display achieving the…
» Intel Introduces First IA System on Chip for Consumer…
» Palm Treo Pro – Lançado oficialmente
» BlackBerry Bold 3G e lançado no Brasil
» Intel Expands Mobile CPU Family
» Hynix Demonstrates World’s First 16 GB 2-Rank R-DIMM
» Development Release: Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 2
» Flash Creators Jump Into Energy-Savings Game
» Sony Unveils Their PS3 Controller Wireless Keypad
» Intel announces dual-core Atom, chains it to 945C…
» Review: HP TouchSmart PC
» “Lucid” chip tech enables GeForce/Radeon cross-SLI
» Linux to gain anti-virus software
» Intel launches SoC aimed at Consumer Electronics [News]

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