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Segue hoje mais uma edição da subseção dentro da área de notícias, com uma seleção das notícias do dia publicadas na web, com os assuntos mais relevantes e qualitativos do dia:

» VIA Quits Motherboard Chipset Business
» Android could be delayed, again
» New meta-material doesn’t actually render anything…
» Samsung Launches Budget Qwerty Handset
» PHP 4 is Dead, Long Live PHP 4
» HTC Dream (Android) Video Emerges
» New DIY SSD Accepts Six Secure Digital Cards
» Researchers at Berkley create invisibility cloak
» AMD vs. Intel: The Challenger’s New Plan
» Zune to get video exclusives to fight iPod
» Thermaltake Toughpower 1,500W Power Supply Review
» Smartphones continue march, BlackBerry boosts market…
» HTC Re-assure Android Phone for Q4 Launches
» Google Mobile Creates Google Translate Tool for iPhone
» Need a PSP Phone? Do It Yourself!
» Akademy 2008 – Day 1
» MSI Wind for $479.99 (backordered, of course)
» 101 Classic Computer Ads
» Opinion: Why laptops will kick desktop PCs to the…
» MetroPCS First to Offer Samsung Messager Slider Phone
» Why dropping your memory modules is bad
» Eneloop C-Sized & D-sized: Sanyo introduced new Super…
» Games Without Frontiers: Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turn…
» Free advertising for The Pirate Bay: Italian ISPs…
» Using My PC For Plain Old Telephone Service?
» Daily Search Engine Use Still Below 50 Percent
» Intel Reveals Nehalem Naming Convention
» Simbol Mines First Round to Extract Lithium from Geothermal
» Semiconductors & Fuel Injectors to Cleanup Olympic…
» NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 Unleashed
» NVIDIA Editor’s Day: The Re-Introduction of Tesla
» Asus Maximus II Formula Intel P45 Motherboard
» Intel Unveils Montevina, Centrino 2 Platform
» NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Mainstream GPU
» VIA Nano L2100 vs. Intel Atom 230: Head to Head
» Rumor: HTC Dream Android Phone Works Like SideKick?
» Nokia Email service Available in Nokia Beta Labs
» Apple Can Remotely Disable iPhone Apps
» JOLIE to Bring Service-Oriented Computing to KDE
» Presented By: Considering iPhone? Check out BlackBerry…
» Duracell Introduces Duracell My Pocket Charger and…
» HP first with true quad-core notebook
» The Pirate Bay Blocked in Italy
» The sky isn’t falling: a look at a new Vista security…
» Apple Sells 60 Million IPhone Apps, Jobs Confirms…
» Next-gen Intel processors to be called Intel Core…
» Mozilla introduces Snowl for Firefox
» LEGO Computer How-To
» HP explains how Microsoft inflates Vista sales figures
» Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard
» Dell expands list of failing notebook GPUs
» Fujitsu U2010: Long battery life with only four cells
» USB Stick thwarts Chinese Firewall
» Friday netbook news
» Samsung launches Messager slider phone with QWERTY
» Linux loves netbooks
» How to Get More From Google Reader
» Clever Hacker Techniques
» Linux-compatible netbook sports multiple colors
» Tracking Near-Earth Meteors With a 1.1 Petabyte Database
» Science and Tech Go to the Olympics:’s Coverage
» Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10
» Creative Zen X-Fi with Wireless LAN
» Microsoft Movie Maker 6
» Reporters At Black Hat Get Bounced For Hacking
» Paid Support Not Critical For Linux Adoption
» Jointech throws down the $99 J-PRO JL7100 ‘Mini Laptop’
» Simulation Predicts Clumps of Dark Matter Within Galaxies
» Megapixel: entenda o que é e qual a importância da…

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