Humor: Comentários no código fonte do Jahshaka for Windows


O Jahshaka é um editor de vídeo bastante poderoso, que está disponível para várias plataformas, incluindo Linux e Windows. Um post no Andrei T.’s Blog chama a atenção para alguns comentários engraçados dentro do código fonte da versão Windows:

Well, I heard that programmers like to leave funny comments, and after doing a search in beagle for the word “fuck” I found a few interesting things in a little file called file_io.c (as part of the Jahshaka source code under

Here are some of the comments:

“** but the fscking thing doesn’t work!!!!! The file size parameter returned

** by this function is only valid up until more data is written at the end of

** the file. That makes this function completely 100% useless.



** Windoze is SOOOOO FUCKED!!!!!!!

** This code should work but doesn’t. Why?

** Code below does work.


struct _stati64 statbuf ;

if (_fstati64 (psf->filedes, &statbuf))

{ psf_log_syserr (psf, errno) ;

return (sf_count_t) -1 ;

} ;

return statbuf.st_size ;


(a bit later down the same code chunk)… “/*

** Lets face it, windoze if FUBAR!!!


** For some reason, I have to call _lseeki64() TWICE to get to the

** end of the file.


** This might have been avoided if windows had implemented the POSIX

** standard function fsync() but NO, that would have been too easy.


** I am VERY close to saying that windoze will no longer be supported

** by libsndfile and changing the license to GPL at the same time.


“/* Win32 */”

“/* The global village idiots at micorsoft decided to implement

** nearly all the required 64 bit file offset functions except

** for one, truncate. The fscking morons!


** This is not 64 bit file offset clean. Somone needs to clean

** this up.



Clearly, MS is hard to deal with.

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