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17/11/2011 - 03:50
Também foi maximizado para as APU's series A e E dos notebooks.

Changelog :

* Adobe Flash Player 11 support
- Enables full support of the GPU accelerated Stage 3D API and Stage 3D applications
- Supported on the AMD Radeon HD Series of GPUs, A-Series APU and E-Series APU
* Resolved Issues for the Windows 7
- Images and textures are no longer corrupted (Blue) in Rage.
- Bezel compensation now works correctly with Far Cry 2.
- Screen tearing is no longer randomly observed while moving a window on the desktop while in Clone mode or Eyefinity mode.
- A black screen is no longer observed when extending displays.
- Homefront no longer crashes randomly when Crossfire is enabled.
- DC – Universe Online no longer hangs soon after selecting a character and entering the game.

Para quem usa o x64 instale também o flash player 11 x64.

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