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Linus Torvalds - Linux 2.5.51

#1 Por Ricardo de C... 12/12/2002 - 08:02
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Summary of changes from v2.5.50 to v2.5.51

Petr fix to make old api driver to work.

Ooops. Fix from Paul Mackerras

Further api porting. Almost done. Here we eliminate get[set]_cmap from struct fb_ops. Also set_disp has ben moved into fbcon.c instead of the drivers.

More fbdev api cleanups. Removed modename from struct fb_info. Incorporated Paul's fixes. The cfb stuff is finally going away.

Added support for logo displaying for new api. Now new code supports 24 bpp.

Remove old fbcon-cfb files.

Cleanup to match closely Linus tree.

Removed currcon and other console related code. Very little is now left.

Removed last console and old api related things. Removed experimental flags.

Replace with Russell's driver.

Cleaned up and moved all the graphics related code inf drivers/video and move the console display related stuff into lower directory called console.

Oops. Forgot to include sis_accel.o

The last of the console code inside the frmaebuffer layer. I also moved all the graphics related code into the drivers/video directory.

Synced up to Linus tree. Fixed the conflict.

Added a cursor api.

Cleaned up the console blank handling.

Moved over fbcon related files to the video/console directory. I also updated a few more drivers to the new api.

Updates to STI framebuffer and STI console. Cleanup of include/video and a few minor fixes.

Moved AGP and DRM code back to drivers/char until a proper solution is done for handling AGP/DMA based framebuffer devices.

Moved all console configuration out of arch directories into drivers/video/console. Allow resize of a single VC via the tty layer. Nuked GET_FB_IDX.

Neomagic and HGA updates. MAde the software accel code modular. So code cleanup in fbcon. More to go.

Bug fixes!!

Moved stuff into drivers/video/console.

Several fixes relating to modules. Ported over the vga16fb driver to the new api.

ppc64: sched_getaffinity returns bitmask size on success

Fixed the anakin and noemagic framebuffer driver. Made font selection depeneded on framebuffer consoel instead of just framebuffer support. Fixed return to be int for tx3912 framebuffer.

ppc64: add new syscalls and fix 32/64bit conversion of getsockopt/setsockopt

ppc6: add icmpv6_filter translation, from sparc64

ppc64: merge in sparc64 32/64 bit readv/writev wrappers

ppc64: merge NCP syscalls and fix a bug in smb mount code, from sparc64

Simplification of the code.

ppc64: make 32bit readv/writev look like generic one, fixes some LTP failures

Grabbed the PPC drivers and in the process of porting to the latest api. Can now use driver specific read and write functions

fbgen is gone and now we have cfbcursor.c

Major fixes for the software accel functions. We have the penguin back.

Start of hardware rotation. PDA devices have often rotated screens with respect to the keyboard.'

Cleaned up the cursor api. Now it uses fb_imaeg which makes sense since a cursor is a image.More code cleanup for fbcon.c. Removal of excess elements passed into functions.

Moving over to console_font_op to get ride of struct display.

Massive cleanup of struct display. It will be going away.

Start of intergartion of fbcon-accel into the core fbcon code.

Creation of default mode. We create and set the hardware once then clone the data each VC. This is much sanier.

Nuked font related info in struct display. Almost gone now.

Update broadcom b44 net driver:
* return errors from phy read/write
* correct rx header logic
* add missing cleanup-on-close code

Minor broadcom b44 net driver cleanups:
* init bp->msg_enable per standard
* update module description
* add pci id constant to linux/pci_ids.h
* remove null b44_set_power_state
* clean up b44_open error path

sysfs: fix file deletion again.

After looking into again, I realize that I was again getting file and
directory deletion a little wrong. This patch should go back to mimmicking
the VFS again.

- The extra dget() in sysfs_mknod() and sysfs_symlink() has been readded.
This is identical to the way ramfs does creation.

- We do d_delete() after simple_unlink() and simple_rmdir(), instead of
d_invalidate() before it. This is how vfs_rmdir() and vfs_unlink() do it,
and the way we used to.

Allow subsystem to have attributes, too.

This is really handy for subsystems that have any attributes they want
to export, esp. if they have just a few, since they don't have to define
all of the infrastructure for creating and tearing down the attributes
for the high level type that they are.

- define struct subsys_attribute for declaring attributes of subsystems

- define subsys_create_file() and subsys_remove_file().

- define subsys_sysfs_ops for forwarding sysfs reads and writes to the
subsystem attribute callbacks.

- Set the sysfs_ops to be the subsystem ones if the kobject doesn't belong
to a subsystem itself (meaning that it is a subsystem).

ppc64: updates for 2.5.48

ppc64: more pci_dev name fixes

ppc64: clean up show_regs and remove print_backtrace

ppc64: update for Ingo's threading changes and clean up show_regs etc

ppc64: defconfig update

ppc64: defconfig update - enable raid

kbuild: Move flags to Makefile.lib

a_flags defined in Makefile.lib, and a set of flags made for host
related rules. This avoided some duplication in Makefile.build

kbuild: Introduced build-targets

build-targets is used to list targets that is always built.
This allowed misuse of EXTRA_TARGETS to be deleted.
built-in.o is now only created for directories defining a obj-* variable,
avoiding this for scripts and lxdialog

One Makefile needed a dummy obj- statement

kbuild: No longer use descend macro, added 'Kernel: xxx is ready' text

In the top-level Makefile and in the i386 architecture specific
makefile no longer use descend.
i386 is used as template for other architectures, so they shall
be kept nice.

Also added a little text:
Kernel: arch/i386/boot/bzImage is ready
A reminder of what target you did build, and where it is located

[BRIDGE]: new_nbp runs under rwlock so needs to use GFP_ATOMIC.

The software cursor works for any pixel arrangement

move dma_mask into struct device

Attached is a patch which moves dma_mask into struct device and cleans up the
scsi mid-layer to use it (instead of using struct pci_dev). The advantage to
doing this is probably most apparent on non-pci bus architectures where
currently you have to construct a fake pci_dev just so you can get the bounce
buffers to work correctly.

The patch tries to perturb the minimum amount of code, so dma_mask in struct
device is simply a pointer to the one in pci_dev. However, it will make it
easy for me now to add generic device to MCA without having to go the fake pci

remove struct pci_dev from scsi

This patch completely removes struct pci_dev from scsi and replaces it with struct device
(actually as host_driverfs_dev.parent)

The old (but now deprecated) scsi_pci primitives are left in. These should be replaced
by using the new scsi_device primitives.

MCA sysfs changes

These changes make MCA use sysfs. They export the identical api
to the previous MCA functions, but now everything operates in
terms of sysfs struct devices.

MCA sysfs Part II - abstract out the hw specific pieces

Just in case some raving lunatic wants to add other platform
support for MCA (like RS6000)

Abstract the hardware pieces from the general MCA bus handling
Make all bus and pos accesses go through special accessor registers
add transform functions for multiple MCA bus machines

make mca-bus.c use generic device dma_mask

Move NCR_D700 to MCA sysfs

Make D700 use the sysfs based device probing code and the new
MCA API entirely.

add mca-driver handling

Tidies up the handling of MCA drivers

update smc-mca to new MCA API

This updates to the new API and means that smc-mca is now probed similarly to a PCI device

add mca-driver.c file

[PATCH] more sdev freeing rationalization

(1) new helper in scsi_scan.c: scsi_forget_host. it's the counterpart to
scsi_scan_host. it shares code with scsi_remove_single_device
through a common subroutine, scsi_forget_host.
(2) move scsi_get_host_dev/scsi_free_host_dev (again). Having them in
scsi_scan.c allows to make scsi_alloc_sdev/scsi_free_sdev static.

[PATCH] remove implicit scsi_register()

hosts.c has some crufty old code to implicitly do scsi_register/
scsi_unregister for drivers that don't do it. This seems to be
a left-over from the very early days and apparently no driver
in the tree uses it (at least according to some grepping).

This patch removes it.

[PATCH] remove that anoying in_atomic()...

We're always called from scsi_prep_fn which is guaranteed to be called
under a spinlock from the block layer.

Also nuke more broken includes.

[PATCH] remove superflous scsi_delete_timer()

the first action performed by scsi_mlqueue_insert() is exactly that

[PATCH] remove outdated comment from scsi.c

In 2.5 there's just one request_fn left.

fix 53c700.c for new module loader

and add C99 initialisers to NCR_D700.c

correct bug in smc-mca.c card counting

o uaccess.h: remove include sched.h, it only needs thread_info.h


Make proc and legacy depend on compile options.

o sb_ess: fix up header cleanup: add include

make MCA_PROC_FS depend on PROC_FS

o ambassador: set_bit & friends require a long

Also make drain_rx_pools always available, it is called outside

o drivers/atm/horizon.c: test_bit & friends require long

o drivers/char/sx.c: test_bit and friends require a long

o hdlcdrv.c: set_bit and friends require a long

o fealnx: fix up some printk paramenters

o drivers/net/setup.c: fix special_device_init struct initialization

struct net_device changed, making sb1000_probe not match with the
.init position, convert it to C99 initializers so that doesn't happens
anymore when net_device changes again.

o lance.c: set_bit and friends require a long

o drivers/net/ni65.c: test_bit and friends require long

Also convert some structs to C99 initialization style.

osst update

fro Willem Riede.

o net/ipv4/raw.c: add missing include

Also add a include to linux/mroute.h as it uses
struct sock, etc.

Ported Mach64 and NVIDIA driver to final api. A bunch of improvements and bug fixes.

Use the new name of the software cursor function.

o tcpv4: convert /proc/net/tcp to seq_file

o net/core/dev.c: convert /proc/net/dev to seq_file

o wireless: convert /proc/net/wireless to seq_file

kbuild: Always generate the module name automatically.

Rusty introduced no_module_init() to provide a way of putting
the module name into a special section. People didn't like that,
and it's doable without user visible changes wink.png

I didn't keep any compatibility define for no_module_init (and removed
the current occurences) in order to make sure it doesn't spread anyway.

o mxser: add module_exit/module_init

This fixes the compilation problem in 2.5

o net/core/dev.c: convert /proc/net/softnet_stat to seq_file

o net/ipv4/af_inet.c: remove include seq_file.h and proc_fs.h, not needed anymore

thanks to Chris Wilson for pointing out that seq_file.h
was not needed anymore.

[XFS] Fix unchecked kmalloc() in pagebuf

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132859a

[XFS] Remove rootfs special-casing in the quota code

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132862a

[XFS] Change AT_* to XFS_AT_* to prevent namespace collisions; move some type
declarations into more appropriate places.

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132930a

[XFS] Add sendfile support

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132980a

[XFS] Rethink some of those recent types changes slightly.

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132993a

[XFS] Remove assert claiming data and attribute extents cannot be logged at the
same time - Steve thinks this is unlikely to be a real problem, and it was
masking real problems further on (see test 070).

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133353a

fix up block device usage of kobjects.

alloc_disk() should set the kobject's subsystem before calling kobject_init(),
which would increment the subsystem's refcount (to be decremented in
kobject_cleanup()). Since it was being set after the call, the subsystem's
refcount was being pushed to 0 if the floppy driver was enabled, but there
were no floppy drives found (the driver would alloc_disk(), then put_disk() if
no drives were found).

Partitions use kobject_register(), so they don't have to do kobject_init()
(it's done for them).

add_disk() should use kobject_add() instead of kobject_register(), since
it's already done kobject_init() in alloc_disk().

Also, del_gendisk() doesn't have to do extra refcount and call
kobject_unregister(); it should just call kobject_del(). The block device
will be freed up later when put_disk() pushes the refcount to 0.

[XFS] Use kmalloc/kfree for all xattr memory allocations.

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133355a

NUMA: make sure that the node device class is registered before the node driver.

This fixes an Oops on boot on NUMA systems, since the driver tries to access the
device class when it's registered.

[XFS] readahead fixes

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133370a

[XFS] remove bogus struct dirent forward declarations

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133428a

[XFS] fix some broken off_t use

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133435a

[XFS] pagebuf can now take a configurable sector size (512 -> 32K).

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132942a

[XFS] remove unused variable in pagebuf

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133724a

[XFS] use find_trylock_page in the I/O code

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133725a

[XFS] Minor formatting and code consistency cleanups.

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133828a

[XFS] remove dead pbr_flags field from struct xfs_buftarg

SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:133966a

[XFS] fix direct I/O size calculation

Moved over fbcon to use the accel api only. This will shrink the code considerably.

PCI hotplug: moved cpci_hotplug.o to be built into pci_hotplug.o if enabled.

[PATCH] C99 initializers for drivers/hotplug

Here's a small set of patches for switching drivers/hotplug to use C99
initializers. The patches are against 2.5.49.

[CRYPTO]: Add twofish algorithm.

[CRYPTO]: Forgot to add twofish.c smile.png

split up the device list into two.

C99 fixes. Framebuffer console fix.

[SPARC]: NR_IRQS is off by one.

ppc64: fix sys_clone bug (paulus) and fix fork arguments (Milton Miller)

Diver updates.

add SiS 651 support

add support for two new VIA GARTs

[netdrvr ns83820] fix oops, initialize dev->priv to prevent future slipups like this

[netdrvr tulip] fix obvious typo in CSR6 register values

[netdrvr winbond-840] small cleanups

[netdrvr rcpci45] final vendor update

[netdrvr] Add missing WAN driver assignments to dev->last_rx for each RX packet

compile fix - typo

[netdrvr tc35815] let init_etherdev allocate driver-private struct too

Contributed by davej, fixed up by me.

[netdrvr au1100] update from 2.4.x

[netdrvr] de600 has module_init, so remove its listing from Space.c

Accel wrapper is now intergarted into fbcon.c. VESA fb fixes

LSM: fix conversions in hugetlbfs that I missed in the last merge.

LSM: change if statements into something more readable for the fs/* files.

LSM: change if statements into something more readable for the ipc/*, mm/*, and net/* files.

LSM: change if statements into something more readable for the kernel.* files.

LSM: change if statements into something more readable for the arch/* files.

scsi sysfs update 3

I have attached an updated combined patch of my previously posted sysfs

This patch is against linux-scsi.bkbits.net/scsi-misc-2.5

This patch contains these updates:
- update to osst.c to support sysfs cleanups.
- oops fix in osst.c detach if no device attached. A better
method than this quick fix is needed.
- removed scsi_bus_hotplug function do to bug and not really
needed now as default gives path data. If needed in future can
be added with better definition.


[SUNZILOG]: Better serial TTY default settings.

[netdrvr starfire] add netif_carrier_{on,off} calls

[netdrvr lanstreamer] a fix and a feature addition:
This patch takes 2 calls to free_irq out of the interrupt
function's code path, which if hit would cause the machine
to hang. It also adds netif_carrier_{on|off} calls where

[netdrvr via-rhine] merge bug fixes and new features from 2.4.x kernel:
- better Tx error handling on certain chips
- handle chip-specific collision counters
- use MII lib
- selectable backoff algorithm

[netdrvr tulip] new pci id

[SPARC64]: sys_sparc32.c wants linux/security.h

[SOUND]: ioctl32.c wants linux/fs.h

[XFS]: support/move.c wants linux/errno.h

[SOUND]: {rawmidi32,seq32,timer32}.c want linux/fs.h

add scsi_sysfs.c

[PATCH] abstract out more scsi_device acess out of the low-level drivers

Two new helpers: scsi_device_get and scsi_device_put that get/release a
reference to the underlying HBA driver and increment/decrement
->access_count. Cleanup ->attach/->detach routines in the upper layer
drivers a bit to consolidate the error pathes once we're cleaning them

->attach and ->detach in upper layer drivers are mandatory now (not
having them would be rather pointless).

(note that the sd.c changes are not in this patch, it'll be part of
my next, bigger patch)

[PATCH] clean up sd bdev methods

(1) move all bdev methods in one place instead of spreading them all
around the file
(2) consistant naming: everything is sd_ now
(3) use scsi_device_get/scsi_device_put
(4) remove bogus checks scsi_disk->device set, since 2.5.4x it always is
(5) clean up some coding style issues

scsi-dma-mask modify for andmike's changes

Made it modular.

[PATCH] fix sd device number handling

This is the final patch to make sd work properly in a hotplug
enviroment. Add a bitmap for currently used disks so that we
can properly reuse dev_t when a disk is hot-unplugged.

While at that add support for the eight additional majors
allocated to sd in the latest devices.txt [1].

If only register_blkdev finally died we could nuke almost all
knowledge of majors/minors from sd...

[1] http://www.lanana.org/docs/device-list/devices.txt

[PATCH] fix sr device number handling

The same for sr (I didn't actually had a chance to actually test this,
but it's the same change as in sd).

[PATCH] complain about missing host template initializations

Currently scsi_register_host silently fixes up missing initializations
of max_sectors and release. Add some printks complaining about this
so we can get rid of it sooner or later.

[netdrvr dl2k] only read 0x100 through 0x150 statistics registers if mem mapping

[PATCH] module unload race with usb serial drivers

the serial subdrivers may be unloading while we open.
This patch against 2.5 guards against that.

[PATCH] USB serial: cleaned up the rest of the __MOD_INC and __MOD_DEC calls to use the new module API

[PATCH] usbfs: more list cleanups

Here is a small cleanup patch for 2.5 that goes on top of my previous
ones. It makes devio.c use the list traversal macros from list.h.

[PATCH] usb-storage doesn't say clear_halt WORKED

This removes a printk that's been cluttering up my logs,
especially when I do things like 'mkfs -c ...' it doesn't
seem to be needed any more.

[PATCH] reduce debug message volume

This reduces the debug message volume a bit, mostly by using the
new dev_dbg() macros instead of the usb dbg() ones in some places
during HCD init/shutdown. Likewise dev_info().

[PATCH] ehci-hcd, handle async_next register correctly

This patch should improve behavior of the EHCI driver,
particularly on VIA hardware.

- A more careful reading of the EHCI spec turns up
requirements not to change this register's value
while the async schedule is enabled. That means
in effect that it must never point to a QH that'd
get unlinked ... driver now uses a dedicated QH.

- Disables async schedule a bit faster: after 50msec
idle, not 330msec idle.

- Streamline the "can't init memory" failure path.

- Start to use the dev_dbg()/dev_info()/... macros
in more places.

This version acts a bunch happier than the previous
version, removing some failure modes I could never
quite convince myself were hardware (they weren't!)
I suspect it'll remove a lot of the "it hangs" failures
that some folk have reported (mostly on 2.4 though).

[PATCH] ehci, more diagnostics use dev_*() macros

This reduces the quantity of messages, by using the
newer dev_*() macros, and by deleting some messages.

[PATCH] fs/namei.c fix

One of Greg KH's security cleanups reversed the sense of a test.
Without this patch, 2.5.50 oopses at boot. Please apply.

LSM: add #include to fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c

Thanks to venom@sns.it for pointing this out.

[PATCH] Patch/resubmit(2.5.50): Eliminate pci_dev.driver_data

To review, this patch deletes pci_dev.driver_data, using the
existing pci_dev.device.driver_data field instead, thereby shrinking
struct pci_dev by four bytes on 32-bit machines. The few device
drivers that attempted to directly reference pci_dev.driver_data were
fixed in a patch of mine that Jeff Garzik got into 2.5.45. Also,
making this change should help with memory allocation improvements in
the future, although that's a separate issue.

PCI: changed pci_?et_drvdata to use the generic driver model functions
instead of accessing the data directly.

Add to linux/pci.h PCI-X, CompactPCI, and PCI Vital Product Data register defines

o arp: fix seq_file handling bug

When midnigth commander viewer is invoked it first opens the file, read
4 bytes (probably looking for a magic number), reading only 4 bytes makes
state->is_pneigh not to be set neither the lock is taken, because only
the header is being produced (v = (void *)1), so when arp_seq_stop is
called the lock is dropped without having being taken: b00m

Thanks to Serge Kuznetsov for reporting this to me. Other seq_file
code may have this problem, but by using mc viewer in all of /proc/net
I haven't been able to reproduce this problem with any other file.

[netdrvr fealnx] remove bogus line due to patch error

Thanks to Olaf Hering @ SuSE for spotting.

[netdrvr] add "r8169", new driver for Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet

[netdrvr r8169] pass dev->irq argument to synchronize_irq() call

[netdrvr r8169] large style cleanup:
* run scripts/Lindent over contents
* rename RTL8169_{READ,WRITE}_GMII_REG to mdio_{read,write}
* remove "// end of ..." comments
* remove "//=======" function spacers

[netdrvr r8169] minor functional cleanups and bug fixes:
* use stock kernel ether_crc (linux/crc32.h)
* copy MC filter code from 8139cp (includes an optimization, and
avoids using set_bit when not needed)

Make dupfd() locking more clear.

Walter Harms pointed out the locking was rather obtuse in dupfd. This
patch makes it much clearer. Present code acquires a lock in dupfd()
callee locate_fd(), and releases it in allocate_fd() OR dupfd() itself.

This changes cleans this up to acquire and release the lock entirely
within dupfd(), which moves locking completely out of locate_fd()
and allows the manual inlining of allocate_fd() into its only caller,

This change is functionally equivalent to the current code
[well, dupfd might run a cycle or two faster if the compiler optimizes well...]

[netdrvr sungem] kill PCI_DEVICE_IDxxx constant, it's now in pci_ids.h

Handle internal proc_register failure in proc_symlink, proc_mknod,
proc_mkdir, and create_proc_entry.

Contributed by Steve Dickson @ Red Hat

[netdrvr de620] remove unneeded, and ifdef'd out, check_region call

[ARM] Fix Acorn SCSI host device list scanning for 2.5.50

[netdrvr] Make a special section in drivers/net/Makefile for
out-of-directory lib references.

Add smc91c92_cs driver's missing mii.o reference to this new section.

[netdrvr 8139too] skb_copy_and_csum_dev use allows us to enable the

[Also, a comment noting this subtle issue -- that the hardware doesn't
really support scatter-gather, checksumming and highdma -- is added.

[netdrvr sunhme] remove memset in init (alloc_etherdev does it for us)

[netdrvr] fix minor buffer overruns found by Stanford checker,
in 3c523 and ni52 drivers.

[netdrvr 3c515] fix unlikely buffer overrun when >8 adapters present.
Found by Stanford checker.

[PATCH] uhci-hcd.c shouldn't halt control endpoints

uhci-hcd.c currently calls usb_endpoint_halt() in the td_error: path of
uhci_result_control(). David Brownell told me that "control endpoints
don't halt" and that this is wrong. The patch below fixes this and allows
my Belkin Universal UPS to work. [Although it still prints lots of
"drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: ctrl urb status -32 received" messages.]
Greg K-H, could you merge this if it looks right? David mentioned that
the same bug exists in 2.4.x.

[PATCH] - cleanup for new module primitives

[PATCH] USB: get previous module patch to even build properly...

[PATCH] USB core: cleanup BKL

[SERIAL] Prevent PNPBIOS re-registering already detected ports

During initialisation of 8250 serial, we scan a list of ISA ports and
register any ports. We then perform PNPBIOS scanning, which re-registers
ttyS0. Unfortunately, if devfs is enabled, devfs reports an error because
we try to create two tts/0 entries.

Therefore, when adding a new port we check that it has not been detected
before attempting to probe the port and register it with devfs (via the
tty layer.)

[SERIAL] Export pci_siig10x_fn() and pci_siig20x_fn()

Patch from Zwane Mwaikambo, fixed by rmk, comments by rmk.

SIIG cards have parallel ports in addition to serial ports. We therefore
probe the cards in parport_serial.c and call the serial specific probe
functions in 8250_pci.c

This is the second half of a patch that was applied in 2.5.50 to
parport_serial by others without the corresponding 8250_pci.c changes.

[SERIAL] Pass "iomap" base from probe modules

Patch from Randolph Chung, slightly modified by rmk.

When displaying the details of memory mapped serial ports, we want to show
some sane base value. The cookie returned from ioremap can be meaningless
to users (and developers), especially when the cookie could be a dynamically
allocated virtual address.

The more useful cookie is the value passed into ioremap. We already have
support for handling this cookie internally - we haven't allowed the PCI
probe module to hand it to the higher levels until now.

[SERIAL] Fix failure checks

We originally checked for failure by checking if the returned code
was non-zero. Strictly, it should be a negative value.

[SERIAL] Replace tty->alt_speed with uart_get_baud_rate()

We provide a new function, uart_get_baud_rate(), to return the
desired numeric baud rate from the uart_port and tty structures.
This allows us to:

1. localise the 38400 alternate speed kludge to one area.
2. support faster baud rates than the usual baud_base / desired_rate
calculations in the future (eventually allowing the use of the
magic divisors in 8250.c.)

[SERIAL] Move custom_divisor from uart_state to uart_port.

This is another step towards moving the divisor calculations into
the low level drivers, thereby allowing the faster baud rates
mentioned in the previous cset. Moving this field to uart_port
means that the low level drivers do not have to know about the
uart_state structure.

[SERIAL] Move quot/divisor calculation to uart_get_divisor()

uart_get_divisor() calculates the divisor for standard uarts, and
will eventually become a helper function for low level port drivers.

[SERIAL] Move the FIFO timeout calculations into uart_update_timeout()

[SERIAL] uart_get_divisor() and uart_get_baud_rate() takes termios.

Currently, uart_get_divisor() and uart_get_baud_rate() take a tty
structure. We really want them to take a termios structure so we
can avoid passing a tty structure all the way down to the low level

In order to do this, we need to be able to convert a termios
structure to a numeric baud rate - we provide tty_termios_baud_rate() in
tty_io.c for this purpose. It performs a subset of the
tty_get_baud_rate() functionality, but without any "alt_speed"

We finally export uart_get_baud_rate() and uart_get_divisor() to for
low level drivers to use. We now have all the functions in place
to support ports which want to have access to the real baud rate
rather than a divisor value.

[PATCH] Don't sort kallsyms symbols twice

From Andrew Morton

[PATCH] kallsyms in modules fix

Two fixes. Firstly, set ALLOC on the right section so we actually
keep the symbol names and don't deref a freed section, and secondly
get the symbol size (more) correct.

[PATCH] Table fix for module-init-tools

This patch allows the new depmod to generate the USB & PCI hotplug
tables. Greg Banks and I are (slowly) working on a better solution, but
allows the old-style "modules.pcimap" etc. to be generated in the short

This patch adds a "__mod_XXX_table" symbol which is an alias to the
module table, rather than a pointer. This makes it relatively trivial
to extract the table. Previously, it required a pointer dereference,
which means the relocations must be applied, which is why the old depmod
needs so much of modutils (ie. it basically links the whole module in
order to find the table).

The old depmod can still be invoked using "-F System.map" to generate
the tables (there'll be lots of other warnings, and it will generate a
completely bogus modules.dep, but the tables should be OK.)

[PATCH] v850 support

On the v850, the elf toolchain uses a `_' prefix for all user symbols
(I'm not sure why, since most toolchains seem to have dropped this sort
of thing).

The attached patch adds the ability to deal with this, if the macro
MODULE_SYMBOL_PREFIX is defined by . This only affects
places where symbol names come from the user, e.g., EXPORT_SYMBOL, or
the explicit symbol-names used in kernel/module.c itself.

[Tweaked a little by Rusty, original by Miles Bader]

[PATCH] module names fix

By Kai Germaschewski:

"Well, I have another solution, which doesn't need additional Makefile
magic or anything.

I just put the module name into each .o file where is
included. Putting it into the section .gnu.linkonce.modname has the effect
that even for multi-part modules, we only end up with one copy of the

Caveat: I'm using the preprocessor macro KBUILD_MODNAME to know what to
put into .gnu.linkonce.modname. The following used to happen:


divas-objs := common.o Divas_mod.o ...
eicon-objs := common.o eicon_mod.o ...

Divas_mod.o is compiled with -DKBUILD_MODNAME=divas
eicon_mod.o is compiled with -DKBUILD_MODNAME=eicon
common.o is compiled with -DKBUILD_MODNAME=divas_eicon

So in the case above, both divas.o and eicon.o would end up with
a .gnu.linkonce.modname section containing "divas_eicon"

My fix to this is to not define KBUILD_MODNAME when compiling an object
whilch will be linked into more than one module - so common.o gets no
.gnu.linkonce.modname section at all. Works fine here.

Now, doing this I remove one of the reasons why we would need modules
linked as '.ko' wink.png, but it seems much cleaner than generating a temporary
file, using objcopy etc."

[PATCH] Final bit of soundmodem to die

[PATCH] bitops leaves ADDR defined


Add Zwane
Remove soundmodem stuff
Update snapgear

[PATCH] add new ac97 codec fields as per 2.4

[PATCH] update ac97 to 2.4 current

[PATCH] update i810 audio to match 2.4

Primarily adds Nvidia + some i845G

[PATCH] allow address change on fec ethernet

[PATCH] clean up sis PCI quirk

[PATCH] aacraid minor fixups

[PATCH] update fdomain_stub to match newer fdomain driver

[PATCH] update qlogic stub to match qlogic updates

[PATCH] Add config entry for mmuless 68328 fb

[PATCH] mmuless no longer needs this ifdef

[PATCH] add NEC PC9800 bus idents to mpspec

[PATCH] maintainer wants ifdefs left

[PATCH] report unzip errors on initrd

[PATCH] split the mm files compiled according to SWAP & MMU

Basically a nop for MMU based systems

[PATCH] add the core mm/nommu file

This implements the mmu stuff for the mmuless cpus - a lot of it stubs
to avoid ifdefs in core code

Undo stale comment from -ac merge

Include the proper header file instead of trying
to declare things on your own!

[netdrvr fec] set-MAC-address clean up, add better comments, and add a FIXME

Oops. LSM cleanups reversed the sense of a error return test.

Badness results.

[PATCH] C99 initializer fix for sound/arm/sa11xx-uda1341.c

[PATCH] C99 initializer for sound/sparc/cs4231.c

[PATCH] C99 initializer for arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c

[PATCH] C99 initializer for arch/ppc/amiga/amiints.c

[PATCH] C99 initializers for drivers/media/video

[PATCH] C99 initializers for drivers/media/dvb/av7110

[PATCH] C99 initializer patches for four net/ files

[PATCH] C99 initializer for arch/ia64/sn/kernel/sn1/synergy.c

[PATCH] C99 initializers for drivers/media/dvb/frontends

[PATCH] C99 initializers for drivers/media/radio

[PATCH] fix wrong permissions for vfat directories

This fixes the umask/fmask/dmask confusion in vfat.

driver model: reinstate bus iterators.

This replaces the bus iterators bus_for_each_dev() and bus_for_each_drv().
Though no one in the kernel was using these, the MCA bus updates that are
about to appear depend on them.

They both now take a start pointer, which is the item to begin walking
the list from, if it is not NULL.

kobjects: don't do cleanup if kobject_add() fails.

kobject_register() has the rude behavior that it will attempt to clean up
the kobject if kobject_add() fails. This replaces that with a WARN_ON() for
the return value, and leaves the cleanup to the caller.

[PATCH] dnotify fix for readv/writev

From Pengcheng Zou :
> Orignally DN_MODIFY is issued on readv while DN_ACCESS is issued on writev,
> which is obviously wrong. This patch fixes such problem.

This is the equivalent patch for 2.5.50+.

[SPARC64]: Fix dnotify_parent call in do_readv_writev32.

[SPARC64]: Kill some multiline string literals.

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Off: Poultz, minha prova de SO é hj...........:-P E vai cair a boiada de métodos de alocação de páginas.........:-) hehehe
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